Why get a Healthy Choices Vending machine?

Why get a Healthy Choices Vending machine?

You may ask, why get a vending machine for our school, office, gym when we live in a city where almost any food you desire is just down the block , on the corner or across the street. Yes, that may be true but what about those times you just can’t break away from work, or your child will opt for the junk food and sugary drinks and sodas especially when there is no healthy snacks or drinks at the corner deli. Wouldn’t you want your kid to not only have the accessibility to the healthy snack options but actually choose them over traditional snacks loaded with sugar, fat and chemicals? 

What happens if you’re stuck in the Hospital Emergency room waiting on a loved one, friend or relative, then what? The cafeteria is closed, there’s nothing nearby. What options do you have? That was my experience while caring for an ill Mom who had suffered several heart attacks and strokes. During that time, I spent many a night in the hospital with her. I was so frustrated that there was nothing in the vending machine that I could eat without feeling I was consuming pure garbage.

That’s why I started Healthy Choices Vending. To make healthy eating options accessible to those on the go or away from home. To have that available when there were none to be had.   Instead of complaining about the situation I decided to do something about it.

Part of the reason obesity is a leading epidemic in our country is because our children aren’t taught proper nutrition and are not engaged in activities at a young age in school or at home.  This is when they are most prone to making choices that will become life choices as they grow and when they begin to develop a particular lifestyle. If children are exposed to and have the opportunity to try the healthy snacks and discover that they are actually really good and tasty they are more likely to ask for the chewy granola bar high in fiber and protein than the traditional chocolate bar or soda. 

Having a HEALTHY CHOICES Vending unit in your school, place of business, residential or local gym makes healthy eating options available and convenient. Our machines offer nutritious quality brand snack and beverages that are good for you.  They are eco-friendly, conserving energy, equipped with Remote monitoring systems that allow us to better service the machines. HEALTHY CHOICES machines also accept credit and debit cards for your convenience.  Most important is our commitment to providing superior customer service and to making customer satisfaction a number one priority.

HEALTHY CHOICES promotes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. It is our contribution in the battle against obesity. Many times eating healthy is just about being exposed to the many new snack and beverages available in today’s market. What better way than to try something than from the new “healthy” vending machines. One would be more likely to try a single “healthy” item than committing to an entire box.

Healthy Eating is a lifestyle not a trend. Support your students, office workers, staff, customers and guest traffic with natural, gluten free, organic snacks and drinks. They will be happy you did.




About Healthy Choices Vending

I am a native New Yorker who believes that living healthy is more than just a trend, but a lifestyle. With the vision of impacting the lives of those served by Healthy Choices Vending, we offer an alternative in the work place for healthy eating. HCV is CCR compliant and can serve city, county, state and federal level vending machine placement contracts in addition to providing these same services to the public and private sectors. If you're interested in finding out more visit our website: www.healthy-choices.com or call us at 212-666-1190. www.healthy-choices.com
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