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  1. A much needed option for all locations for healthier snacks, sides, drinks. Healthier Choices Vending is partnered with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and We ensure that your product selection which is customized for each location, meets the national nutritional food guidelines and we design programs for each client company according to their needs.

    Our machines are state of the art, eco-friendly, and convenient, accepting all forms of payments from coin, paper, credit and debit cards. We install, service, maintain and provide friendly support and on-site repair all at no cost to you. Why not get your Healthy Choices Vending System today. Support your employees, students, patrons, customers in eating healthier and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. They will be happier, more productive, have increased energy and will feel better. Call us today to get a Healthy Choices Vending System for your location. Healthy Choices Vending, LLC 212-666-1190

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